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The largest provider of waste and environmental services in North America, servicing nearly 20 million municipal, commercial, industrial and residential customers required more efficient staffing services. With a national network comprised of thousands of collections operators, transfer stations, active landfill disposal sites, waste-to-energy plants, and recycling plants, this company was working with over 1,000 different staffing vendors to try and manage their business, a process not effective for their overall goals. That's where Elite Staffing was able to help.

Enter Elite Staffing

Our challenge was to effectively condense their staffing vendors down from over 1,000 to a more manageable network. Our client was also looking for vendor management services and professional staffing services that would:

  • Maintain relationships with some current staffing agencies
  • Provide a more simplified billing system
  • Offer a single point of contact for all locations
  • Provide more on-site supervision and management in areas that warranted higher volumes
  • Increase overall efficiency of staffing services used

The Elite Solution

Through Elite USA, our network of over 2,000 temporary staffing agencies across all 50 states, we were able identify employment staffing agencies within our network in the areas our client needed as well as add some of our client's existing staffing vendors to our network. Elite Staffing then became the single point of contact between our client and these agencies, while providing on-site staffing management services and additional support specifically qualified to work in higher volume locations and facilities. At the same time, our client would not need to worry about sub-contracting or compliance issues, since every worker provided would be an Elite Staffing employee from day one, hour one of work at their facilities.

The Results

By incorporating existing agencies into the Elite USA network, we were able to condense over 1,000 different employment staffing agencies our client was working with down to just 30 through effective vendor management services. In addition, Elite Staffing now supports 90% of the company's recycling centers across the United States, providing them with streamlined staffing services through one point of contact. The use of the Elite USA network also resulted in:

  • Our client being able to maintain some of their existing relationships with their trusted temporary staffing vendors.
  • A simplified billing and staffing process all handled through Elite Staffing
  • Full-time management and on-site supervision placement in higher volume locations
  • Consistent compliance with all of our client's pre-employment requirements

Want to learn more? Contact an Elite Staffing representative and see how our superior vendor management and professional staffing services can help you.

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