Warehouse Supervisors

As a nationally known temporary agency, Elite Staffing takes pride in our ability to recruit and place warehouse supervisors, helping facilities across the country improve operations and foster growth. Among the numerous positions we fill, warehouse supervisor jobs remain in high demand and the recent growth of online business and ecommerce has added to the need to fill warehouse jobs.

Elite Knows Warehouse Supervisors

Warehouse supervisor jobs are comprised of multiple responsibilities and tasks. From leader and manager to communicator and thinker, a supervisor must have the ability to maintain efficiency while keeping both employees and customers satisfied. Warehouse supervisor job responsibilities may include:

  • Meeting production and delivery deadlines
  • Scheduling
  • Inventory control
  • Customer service
  • Communicating with customers and suppliers
  • Handling employee conflicts

While the full list of responsibilities varies by location, Elite Staffing ensures all workers are equipped with the tools they need to be a productive member of any warehouse team. With our national network of locally owned and operated staffing agencies, we are able to service facilities across all 50 states, including companies that operate multiple warehouses.

Looking to hire warehouse supervisors? Contact an Elite representative today – we can help.

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