Tool & Die, Mold Makers, and Pattern Makers Machinists

Elite Staffing has a large network of skilled machinists, tool and die makers to provide you with the professionals you need. Within our network we can provide:

  • Tool and die
  • Tool makers
  • Pattern makers
  • Mold makers
  • CNC machine operators

Elite Knows Machinists

Skilled machinist and tool and die makers are always in high demand. Many machinists work on a variety of computer-controlled and mechanically controlled machines to produce a wide array of parts, tools, and instruments. It takes several years of apprenticeship, training, and on the job knowhow to become a machinist. In addition, it is typically required that professional machinists have a high school degree and participate in vocational training. Titles for machinists vary based on specialized areas of industry, however, most are involved in the production of cutting material for another purpose.

With over 2,000 Elite Staffing locations nationwide, we can provide you machinists that work with everything from fine metals to plastics. Contact us today for the skilled professionals you’re looking for.

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