General Secretary

General Secretaries perform administrative duties for an organization’s managers and supervisors. Elite Staffing can help you find the executive secretaries your office needs that best fit your organization.

Whether you're interested in temporary job placement services for short-term office work or are looking for a long term staffing solution, our nationwide network of local staffing agencies allows us to find qualified secretaries in almost every corner of the U.S.

Elite Knows General Secretaries

As a manager or supervisor’s key source of support, secretaries handle every day tasks and responsibilities competently and dependably. Elite Staffing can help you find the secretarial your office needs that best fit your organization. Handling a variety of office-related tasks secretaries need to have a “can do” attitude and have useful job skills including: office protocol and procedures, word processing and other current business software programs. Industry-specific employers may require the candidates to be familiar with industry specific terms, protocols, or practices.

With over 2,000 Elite Staffing locations nationwide, we have access to secretaries trained in today’s fast-paced and dynamic working environments. Contact us today to see how we can help with your specific job requirements.

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