24/7 Staffing for Multi-location Needs


As one of the largest contract packaging providers in the food industry, this company operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Working at five large facilities spread throughout the suburbs of Chicago, this company relies on temporary workers to keep its daily, continuous operations performing at a high level of efficiency. When they decided to look for a new temporary staffing provider to help supply this large daily workforce of temporary employees, they wanted a staffing provider with an exceptional reputation for professionalism, honesty and unparalleled client services. This is why they went to Elite Staffing.

Enter Elite Staffing

The challenge brought to Elite Staffing was to provide this company with the skilled, reliable temporary staffing they needed to effectively operate their 24/7 work environment and maintain a high level of performance. Specifically, this company needed Elite Staffing to:

  • Ensure their daily need of over 1,500 temporary workers would continue to be met, unimpeded
  • Quickly and efficiently manage the transition of existing temporary employees
  • Improve overall management of their temporary staffing services

The Elite Solution

Once a relationship with the client was established, Elite Staffing immediately called for a high level meeting between the operations departments of both companies to devise a plan for the implementation of their new staffing services. It was crucial that this new staffing plan be able to accommodate the round-the-clock schedule of our client, as the transition to new staffing services would need to be accomplished during their 15 minutes breaks and 30-minute lunches. Shortly after these meetings took place, a plan was rolled out to have Elite's staffing services up and running for this client in less than two weeks.

The Results

Elite Staffing was able to establish an effective temporary staffing solution for this client and had this plan operating within 10 business days. With this solution in place, Elite Staffing was able to:

  • Create virtual offices at each of our client's facilities, staffed by members of our payroll, billing operations, and on-site management teams
  • Successfully enroll all 1,500 daily temporary employees online through those virtual offices
  • Provide continued, daily staffing services support from our 13 Chicago offices

Our client knows that with Elite Staffing, not only are their needs in the local Chicago area met on a daily basis, but also as they grow and add facilities throughout the United States, they can count on Elite to be right by their side.

Whether your temporary staffing needs are local or nationwide, Elite Staffing can help. Learn more about our reliable staffing services today!

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