Call Center Personnel

The face, or more specifically the voice, of your company needs to interact professionally and competently, providing information about products and services, process orders and complaints, and provide answers to questions customers may have.

Whether you're interested in temp services to help manage short term call center jobs, or are looking for part-time or direct hire employees for more long term positions, Elite Staffing can provide qualified workers for job sites around the country.

Elite Knows Call Center Personnel

We understand how important it is for businesses utilizing call centers as a form of customer interaction to have reliable personnel working in those facilities. Call center employees are in direct contact with existing and potential customers, and how they interact with those customers should reflect your business. Potential employees should have good communication skills and basic computer skills.

With over 2,000 Elite Staffing locations nationwide, we have access to skilled call center personnel ideally suited to represent your company and your values.

Contact us today to see how we can help with your specific call center job requirements.

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