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The true test of a temporary staffing company's value lies in the dependability and consistency of the staffing services they provide on every job, every day. The Elite Solution? We offer a comprehensive approach to staffing management. Our professional staffing services include everything from the recruitment of temporary employees and job training, to on-site management and the handling of all relevant employment documentation. From city, to state, and across the country, Elite Staffing offers the quality staffing solution you need to get the job done.

At Elite Staffing we redefine the concept of a temporary employment service. All temporary personnel we represent are considered permanent employees of our company who are given termed work assignments on a regular basis. As a result, only the workplace or task is temporary in nature, not the availability of employment. Our goal is to completely satisfy our clients' temporary staffing needs while simultaneously creating full-time employment for our work force. This dual approach allows Elite Staffing to provide each of our clients with a dependable temp service that delivers trained and qualified personnel who are dedicated to their job from start to finish.

Professional Staffing Services & Management

Screening and Recruiting

Our unique philosophy allows us to attract and identify the highest caliber candidates for all our temporary employment and staffing services.


Candidates are provided with the basic training and information needed to hit the ground running.

Unlimited Coverage, Unparalleled Access

Comprised of a unique network of over 2,000 local temporary staffing companies, Elite USA's national scope provides a seamless, efficient and cost effective way to service all of your local, regional and national staffing needs.

On-Site Staffing Management

For the ultimate convenience on larger and more demanding jobs, a dedicated Elite Staffing representative can be based at your facility for immediate access and help with all of your staffing management needs.

Follow up and Support

From payroll processing to safety gear outfitting, our staffing services take the hassle out of personnel recruiting, providing you with the resources and time needed for success.

To learn more about the benefits of a national staffing vendor and to utilize Elite Staffing's professional staffing services, contact us today!