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Any company seeking temporary employment staffing knows finding quality workers supported by an extensive resource and knowledge pool are hard to come by. Elite Staffing offers comprehensive services for its employees in orientation and training, recruitment procedures, management and support, all of which adds up to superior temporary employment staffing for any business or company in any field. And with Elite USA, our national staffing network comprised of over 2,000 local employment agencies from Kansas to New York and beyond, we provide unparalleled coverage across the nation, allowing our clients to seek temporary staffing on local, regional and national levels. Each agency is locally owned and operated yet still shares the resources and knowledge of every one in the entire network.

Explore what Elite Staffing can do for your business and your employment staffing needs today.

Superior Temporary Employment Services

Whether workers are needed for a local, single job or are in demand for several, larger jobs across the nation, Elite Staffing can help get employment staffing where it is needed, no matter where or how much. Our customized network of temporary job agencies is spread all over the country and each is connected to the other, creating a comprehensive system of temporary employment able to be allocated anywhere. Rigorous recruitment practices include screening, interviewing and reference checking, all of which give Elite Staffing the ability to hire only the highest quality selection of candidates suited for our client's employment staffing needs. Elite Staffing has redefined temporary personnel as permanent employees of our company where the workplace or task is the only aspect that is temporary, satisfying our client's needs while providing full-time work for our employees.

Elite Staffing offers a wide range of staffing services and work. From light industrial work such as assembling, freight handlers and janitorial services, administrative employment ranging from legal secretaries, clerks, and administrative assistants, and skilled industrial jobs such as machine operators, forklift drivers and welders. Elite Staffing employs over 20,000 employees annually to help clients fill labor gaps seamlessly and efficiently.

The Elite USA Advantage

The advantage of temporary employment staffing with Elite Staffing and our network of over 2,000 locally owned and operated local staffing agencies means a streamlined approach to keeping overhead costs down while keeping productivity up. On-site management allows a representative of Elite Staffing to be based at your facility for larger and more complicated jobs. All of our candidates are given orientation and basic training in their field to prepare them for their assignment and giving our temporary employment candidates a headstart for that assignment. Elite Staffing's "Real Time" software allows customers to send and request information anywhere via the internet:

Whether you're looking to hire or looking for a job, Elite Staffing has fast become a leader in employment staffing needs for any business or office.

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