How to Ensure the Best Results with a Staffing Agency

How to work with the right Staffing Agency

Organizations choose to work with a staffing agency for many different reasons. It may be that the HR department, owner, or others that are responsible for hiring just don’t have the time or ability to find the right candidates, or it could be a matter of convenience. No matter what the reasons for choosing an agency, you expect to get the best results possible for your fees. While it is the agency’s job to find the best recruits to meet your demands, there are some things that you can do to ensure the best outcomes as well.

Don’t Use Multiple Agencies for Each Job Type

This is perhaps one of the most important things you can do to build a strong staffing relationship. While it may seem as if working with multiple agencies will result in recruits with higher potential, this is not true. Instead, you risk confusing yourself and the staffing agency, as well as potential candidates that see the same listing across multiple agencies. If you want to hire multiple staffing agencies, your best bet is to hire one agency for each position. This will allow you to choose specialized agencies that will find candidates with the highest qualifications for each position.

Provide Concrete Information

A staffing agency must have all the necessary information to find the candidates you are looking to hire. Make sure to include complete skill sets where available to make sure that the recruit you get has the skills required for the job. It is also important that you provide some insight into the type of person that works best within your organization. Take the time to take stock of your current long-term employees to determine how their personalities fit within the work environment. If your current group is out-going and boisterous, a shy, introverted person may not be the best fit for the job. Personality is just as important as skill sets, and you are the only one that can provide that information.

Make Sure the Hiring Manager is Aavailable

The staffing agency is essentially an extension of your hiring manager or human resource representative. The best way to ensure proper recruits is to make sure there are direct, open lines of communication between the two. This will ensure that there is nothing lost in the translation, so you get the right candidate the first time.

Timely Rresponses

One of the worst things you can do to a staffing agency is to put off making a decision about a potential recruit. The job market is full of candidates that need jobs right now, and failing to respond to the agency in a timely manner may lead to losing a great candidate. If something has changed in your organization that makes it impossible to hire right then, be honest with the agency and the potential client. Otherwise, you might end up settling for a less qualified worker when the other options give up on working with your company due to extended waiting periods.

If you make an effort to follow these suggestions, you will greatly improve your results with staffing agencies.