Opening a New Location With Help from a National Staffing Agency

National Staffing Can Help You Grow Location by Location

For the most ambitious owners and operators of medium and large scale businesses, local environments can quickly come to feel overly constrictive. While it is certainly possible to build up a highly profitable business that remains restricted in scope to a particular city or region, many entrepreneurs and business leaders prefer to aim higher. The crucial test for such driven people often comes when the need to open up a second office or facility arises. In many cases, the easiest and most effective way to resolve many of the attendant challenges is to rely on the help of a national staffing agency to get things off the ground.

As the name implies, a national staffing agency is one with a reach and a database of candidates that encompasses the whole country. Compared to the typical staffing agency, an agency of this kind will typically have connections in many more places and with a much wider variety of potentially qualified workers. What this often means for those contemplating opening up a second or further geographically separated company location is that arranging for capable staff members early on can be made much easier than would otherwise be possible.

Working with a national staffing agency for such projects brings other benefits, as well. While it is never wise to plan on failure, accepting that it is a possibility and making suitable arrangements is always prudent. Using a temporary staffing agency to supply as much as possible of the necessary labor as a new location opens will make it much easier to pull back if things do not work out, especially compared to trying to hire a full slate of permanent staff right from the start.One common argument against this approach is that working with an agency will produce less qualified workers, meaning that failure

One common argument against this approach is that working with an agency will produce less qualified workers, meaning that failure may become more likely. Most established providers of custom staffing solutions will do everything possible to prove this criticism wrong. The fact is that a few highly skilled permanent workers with a team of well-selected temporary ones can often be just what is needed to make it easy to get a new branch or location started.

In addition, national staffing agencies typically offer a host of services that can make any transition into a new location or facility smooth. Providing contract staff, temporary to hire, or managed services, can provide your company with the qualified individuals you need without the heavy carrying costs for longer term commitments.