How to Hire the Best Customer Service Representatives

Hiring Customer Service Is Key To Success

While customer service is often an entry-level position, it is important that the proper candidate is hired to ensure the best potential. Customer service representatives are essentially the face of your client’s organization as they are often responsible for creating great first impressions. The proper candidate can make new and existing customers feel comfortable with the brand to promote repeat sales. However, placing the wrong person in the position can lead to decreased sales, a damaged reputation, and adds the potential for lost clients. If your client needs customer service representatives, the following information will help you make the right choices to ensure ongoing client relationships and increase future staffing considerations for your organization.

Look for Proper Skill Sets

Whether your client is looking for entry-level candidates or professional sales representatives, here are some skills that any potential recruit should have to ensure a proper fit for both organizations.

  • Language Fluency – Great English speaking skills are an important requirement for all customer service representatives. Bilingual candidates should also be considered as a higher priority to meet the demands of all potential clients.
  • Friendly, Patient Demeanor – Friendliness and patience are both requirements for any customer service representative to ensure proper interaction with customers in all types of settings and conditions.
  • Experience with or ability to learn point of sale technology, including cash registers, 10-key, and credit card machines.
  • Neat appearance and on time for the interview.

Personal Attributes

While it is not possible to gauge or understand all facets of a potential recruit personality, it is important to utilize strong interview skills or personality testing to determine if there are any areas of weakness. The most successful customer service representatives are those that have the ability to engage potential customers while providing exceptional service. The following attributes are important for those entering the customer service field:

  • Familiarity and awareness of the company, brand, and products
  • Keen understanding of his or her own motivating factors in the field
  • Ability to maintain a sense of calmness in hectic or tense situations
  • Always ready and willing to learn new things in order to progress within their chosen field

Check the Resume

Whether you are open to hiring those that are entry level customer service representatives, or you would prefer someone with experience, there are some things you should look for on the resume. For entry level candidates or those who do not have on the job experience, look for extracurricular activities or volunteer work that requires interaction with others. For those who are experienced, take the time to verify work history, as well as the reasons that the job was terminated.

For all potential candidates, look for relevant skills such as data entry, telemarketing, and other interactions that involve working directly with customers.

Customer service representatives can fulfill a great need within a client’s organization, and choosing the best candidates will ensure a more rewarding experience for all parties involved.


Simple Ways to Creating a Great Resume

Make your resume great with simple tips

Resumes are your first line of communication when looking for a new job. However, it is important to understand that this step is solely to help you land an interview, not get the job. Employers do not make hiring decisions based only on the content of a resume. If they did, there would be no point in the interview process. Your resume is a means by which you get noticed, and since most employers receive hundreds of resumes for a single position, you have to make sure yours stands out. A great resume can be the difference between landing in the rejection pile and receiving that all-important when can we meet phone call. The following are some of the most important aspects that make sure your resume is noticed.

Keep your resume Neat

Remember the emphasis that your instructors placed on the format of essays and other assignments? Those same principles have to apply to your resume as well. Uneven spacing, wonky margins, and crooked printing are all surefire ways to send your resume to the recycling bin. Potential employers rely on your resume to develop first impressions, so you have to make sure it presents a positive image. If you pay attention to the following, you will send the message that you are detail-oriented and take the time to do things right:

  • Equal margins
  • Clear breaks between information types
  • Even spacing between words, sentences, and paragraphs throughout the resume
  • Check for misspellings
  • Use concise punctuation
  • Use proper capitalization
  • Make sure there are no wrinkles, stains, or other issues that detract from the neat appearance

If you address these areas prior to sending out your resume, you are letting employers know that even the smallest details matter.

Make It Easy to Read

Employers spend as little as ten seconds looking at a resume, so you have to make sure yours gets the point across quickly and concisely. The best ways to increase readability are to:

  • Use a 12 point font that is easy to read – Times New Roman and Arial are the most popular
  • Use a bold header to signify a change to new information, such as work history, education, and certifications
  • Use bullet points to focus the reader’s attention on important details
  • Use a cover letter that highlights the ways in which you would be a good fit for the position – Make sure to tailor the cover letter to each position, rather than using a generic one for every employer.

The final tip to creating a great resume is to be completely honest. Just because you have used Microsoft Word once or twice does not make you an expert. If an employer hires you based on expert skill levels, he or she will not be impressed when they find out that you can’t handle your first assignment in the way that you presented.

Your resume is an extension of yourself, so make sure it presents you in the best light possible. Neatness, conciseness, and honesty are the keys to getting noticed.