The benefits of becoming a temp worker

Why Temping Trumps the Full-time Job Search

In between jobs? Moving to a new city without a safety net? Temp agency work can be a great way to meet living expenses. But there are other benefits that former temp workers often cite about their temp work experience.

Here are several:

Foot in the door. Many companies who contract with temp agencies become interested in temps and offer them permanent positions. This is called temp-to-hire, and is a common practice. If you land temp work that’s a win-win situation for you and the company, well congratulations on your new job.

Freedom. Want to move to Los Angeles or New York City? Or Grand Rapids or Lexington? You’re in for an adventure, but it can be extra challenging to land a job in your new destination because you don’t live there yet—but how can you move there without a job? It’s actually not a Catch-22 when you work with a temp agency because you can earn a paycheck while you settle in and look for permanent work in your new market.

The nature of temp work also allows you to take the time off that you need for job hunting, job interviews, completing a freelance project, helping a friend move, or finishing a loan application for a new business. Flexibility is freedom, too.

Resume building. Temp work potentially opens future opportunities for your career. Let’s say you were an admin in a medical office. Then you take a temporary two-month admin assignment at a well-known financial company. You’ve just extended your work experience to a new industry.

Or say your temp assignment is being a personal assistant at an executive headhunting firm. You’ve just extended your work experience to a new position while gaining potentially valuable understanding of a new industry, both of which makes you more marketable.

Networking. Working temp assignments places you in the position of meeting people at companies who can become great professional contacts for you—or friends. Same can be said for the fellow temps you work with. Bonds will form, respect will be earned, connections made.

In short: Temp work is not just a paycheck. It’s also often an adventure, a learning experience, and a helping hand to the next destination on your career path.